Saturday, November 1, 2008

Queen of Bling ATC

Bling Queen

The MAMMA theme for the week: BLING! If you know me at all, you know I am not of bling. I am bland when it comes to girly things like jewelry and makeup. Makeup is something I maybe put on once or twice a year. Most of the jewelry I wear is something I made. The bling theme stumped me until I located a picture from the collage image group on flickr. I found this heavily adorned woman image that screamed “BLING ME!” I pulled out old costume jewelry and all the rhinestones I could find. She needed to be over-the-top! I kept going until there was nowhere left to add more bling. Glitter did not come into play, and I may have to do something about that post haste.

My decision to keep this one is selfish, I know. I really like her and want to hang her on my wall. If I had time I would make another for the swap but the list for partners will be posted soon. Plus I don’t have time this week to deal with a swap as I have my first craft show of the season on November 6th. So busy making things for the booth. More about the show soon!


Outstanding Stranger said...

This is a great card.....I love bling....Diane said...

That one is pretty and funny!

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