Monday, November 30, 2009

More About Picture the Impossible

The folks who made Picture the Impossible possible made a video overview about the game. Watch it if you want to understand my recent obsession with it. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

I’m having less PTI withdrawal than I thought I would experience. So that’s a good thing. I have gone back and done some of the web based games again. A few times I’ve had a bit of panic happen when I thought I was forgetting to do something for the game on time like run off for a scavenger hunt or make and upload a video to YouTube. But then reality set in and there are no deadlines for PTI now. And I sigh in both a little relief and a little disappointment. I am glad that the holidays have set upon us so soon after the game ended to give me something to focus my energy on. And craft shows to get ready for. I honestly cannot wait to play this game again. Maybe next time I’ll win something!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last Show of the Season

This week has been busily spent getting ready for the next craft show today at the Irondequoit High School. This is going to be a good show. I can feel it. I’m pretty much all packed up and ready to go. I have three pendants that were sprayed with sealer yesterday to finish.

These are domino pendants I finished this past week. I am unable to pick a favorite from this bunch! They’re all really nice!

New Batch of Domino Pendants

Stop down to the show if you're local. It's our last show of the season!!

Irondequoit High School Arts & Crafts Show
Saturday, November 28th
260 Cooper Road
Irondequoit, NY 14617
10 AM to 4 PM

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Red Hat Domino Pendant

At the last craft show we did at St. Rita’s School I got several custom order requests. This was the first time this happened at a craft show so, as you can imagine, I was thrilled. I adore doing custom work. I love the challenge of figuring out exactly what my customer wants and making it happen.

One very kind lady said she plays dominoes with her friends. And one of her friends is into the Red Hat Society. So she asked me if I could make a Red Hat domino pendant. It’s interesting to say, “Yes, I can do that!” before I actually have a plan of how to do it. But if I stood there and thought about it for too long the customer would walk away. So I say “yes” to these things without really knowing what I’m going to do. I have to tease information out of the customer. More often they know what they don’t want more than they know what they do want. I like sifting through that information to form an idea. So I quickly came up with thoughts about feathers and rhinestones. She agreed to the design and I went from there. This is the finished product.

Red Hat Society Domino Pendant

I let the light hit the extreme shininess of this one to show you just how glossy these end up if all goes well. This has two layers of sealer on it. It looks like it is encased in glass!

I used white ink to stamp on the purple and red cardstocks. I made a little template of a hat so I can reproduce this design later. Then I made little fake feathers out of lilac paper. Real feathers would have ended up looking wet under the sealer so I had to improvise. I added a tiny rhinestone for some additional shine. I tied red and purple beads onto the black waxed cotton cord.

Red Hat Domino Pendant Beads

Now it’s off in the post for this one. I hope my customer likes it! And I hope her friend likes it, too!

This would be a really good time to contact me at about custom orders. The earlier the better as I have quite the busy schedule coming up with shows and the holidays and the Etsy Twitter Team. You dream it… I can do it! Let’s work on something together!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Paper Exchange

I am participating in a paper exchange I found out about on Twitter organized by @SamsArt5. She has a Twibe set up for the exchange in case you are interested.

This is a photo of what I'm sending to Andrea in Japan. I hope she likes it. Some of this paper is my favorite but I believe in sharing the love. So she's getting some of my beloved stash!

I got a fabulous paper package from Japan! It has lots of beautiful paper in it that I have already organized and therefore cannot photograph for you now. Should have done that before I put it away! But, please, give me points for organization. Usually new paper gets thrown onto the heap and it stays there until I make something out of it. I have a bit of a paper fetish. (Really, No kidding!)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop Of The Week: Jenco13

This week's Shop of the Week from the Etsy Twitter Team is She is the head of the PR Committee for the team and does an excellent job with that work. Here is the post from the Etsy Twitter Team blog:

Visiting Jenco13 is a sure way to feel a serious need for something warm. Multi-colored shawls, scarves (with pockets!), cup cozies, cuddly baby blankets and more fill this Etsy store.

Jen freely admits that most of her items narrowly miss being kept. "I love each item I make and sometimes find them very hard to part with! I spend anywhere between 6-8 hours on a scarf to make sure my stitches are even and consistent. If it's not up to my standards, I rip out the stitches until I'm satisfied. I only sell things that I would use myself. When I'm done making things, my husband, Joe, normally has to remind me I already have a million scarves and cup cozies of my own!"

Jen credits her mom, a graphic designer and artist herself, with inspiring her. "She is amazing with colors! We try to get together at least once every 6 months to do an art day for the girls."

Husband Joe is also supportive. "He is an amazing supporter of my art work and never says to me, 'You're crocheting again?' He helps me pick out what my next projects are going to be."

Jen ships her work internationally and is happy to do custom items. "I love to take custom orders from people when they see something new that I have not thought about making before."

As head of the Etsy Twitter Team's PR Committee, Jen is an avid user of Twitter and has a few tricks of the trade to share.

"Each month I go on to to see who has been following me, who are my friends, and who is not following me. I first figure out who is no longer using their accounts and get rid of those friends, so that I have room to add those who are following me. I only spend about 30 minutes or so, because you can really get caught up doing things on Twitter!"

She also makes it a point to respond. "I ALWAYS respond to those who RT my information, recommend me for #followfridays or DM me. I feel its important to make those connections on Twitter."

Jen credits persistence and determination for helping her get her store going. "I am the little engine that could! I never give up on things. When times are tough, I stick to my goal and keep on trucking."

Become a fan of Jen on Facebook :
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Jenco13 is offering a two deals this week:


Please note these deals are for the the lesser or equal amount of the second item chosen. Custom orders are welcome. It will be refunded through paypal within 24 hours of purchase. Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling of all items purchased (please see special rates for second items). Priority mail rates are available for US customers only.

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Etsy Twitter Team: Shop Of The Week: Jenco13

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm In A Treasury!

This Etsy Treasury was created by It features handmade gifts under $50 from the Etsy Twitter Team. I'm down there on the bottom left! Yay! It's not too early to start your holiday shopping!

If you visit the Treasury please click on each item and take a look. Also I would be honored if you left a comment. Both of these actions move the Treasury up the "Hot" rankings and get it seen by more people!