Saturday, March 28, 2009


I just learned about this site called Plaincraft. You get to upload your items for sale and people rate them. I was a bit nervous to add my stuff and get rated, but it’s going really well so far. I’m number one right now!

And my friend from the Etsy Twitter Team, Joslin Jewels, is number two and four!

Go vote for us!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Home Show Success

Three New Domino Pendants
Altered Vintage Domino Pendants

Three New Checker Pendants
Altered Vintage Checker Pendants

My twin sister, Valerie, had a home show party last night at her house. She invited me to bring my jewelry to sell. So I have been working my butt off getting more domino pendants ready for the show. And it was a good thing too because we did really well. Might have been our second best show total ever, mind you we’ve only done a handful of shows. The domino pendants and Scrabble tile pendants were big hits. I also sold three microscope slide glass collage pendants, which surprised me. Almost everyone who came bought something from me. Two people came back for more! A custom order might come from this as well.

The girl who was selling purses bought two domino pendants. She showed them to the shop owner she works for. The owner loved them and called me this morning to ask if I would like to sell in her shop! I meet with her tomorrow! Now I have to figure out how to transport these things without getting all the necklaces tangled up.

I sold so much that my Etsy shop looks empty. My mission is to get photographs taken so I can restock my shop. I have to make more domino pendants to do that because I’ll be dropping off about 10 to the shop. So keep your eyes open for new additions to

You should check out what my sister is selling and give her some love!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Flower

I stumbled across this really neat website last night. I'm a sucker for drawing and image creating websites! So I made a flower for the impending Spring. We've had a tease of lovely weather here even though Spring does not happen for us for at least 1 1/2 months. A girl can dream, right?

Take a few moments to explore this site. You can see other people's flowers, grow a whole garden, and email your creations to friends.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt Contest Results

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We had a tremendous amount of turn out for our “Find the Leprechaun” Scavenger Hunt Contest! Our total number of entries was 292! Out of those 292 entries, five were drawn for prizes! And the winners are…

Wasabi Ginger Soap Bar by Soap Rehab: Leigh P.

Vanilla Caramels by Fat Daddy Sweets: Alorinna

Fabric Flower Brooch by Tamdoll: Jennifer I.

Fairy Chime Bracelet by Emily Claire Creations: Elizabeth F.

Natural Green Chrysoprase Earrings by Joslin Jewels: Michelle

Thanks to all of our prize donors, participating shops, and all who blogged and tweeted on Twitter about our contest. A special thank you goes out to for tweeting about our contest! I know our numbers were boosted by the @Etsy mention.

Of course, a great big thank you goes out to all who entered and found the leprechauns. Lots of the entrants mentioned how much fun they were having finding the little guys. I’m glad it was entertaining as well!

I must say that I am very impressed by how this team has come together in the past few months. Our members share resources and information with each other all the time on our Google Group. A few new projects have been created by some of our members in part by belonging to the team. So if you participated in this promotion or not, I want to say that I really do love running this team and being a part of such a wonderful group. We are the best team on Etsy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team Scavenger Hunt Contest

The Etsy Twitter Team I run is having a contest!! It's time to "Find the Leprechauns!!"

Go to the team blog for details!!