Friday, July 31, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop Of The Week: Glitzy Events

Kimberley Williams, of Glitzy Events has one mission: to provide high quality products and personalized service her clients. Whether working with brides-to-be, or those planning graduation, anniversary or other celebrations, Glitzy Events is a one-stop source for everything from gorgeous, fully customized invitations to products such as unity & memorial candles, place cards, menus, programs, etc.

Born out of Kimberley's frustrations while planning her own wedding, Glitzy Events is happy to design something unique for a customer. "We can take any design in our shop and customize it completely for our clients. If a client loves our work but wants something a little different we will work with them until we can come up with a design that they love. We don’t charge any additional design fees as we feel that this is part of the custom process." Located in New York, the shop currently ships to the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK and is always happy to provide shipping quotes for other International customers.

With a full service website as well as an Etsy location, Kim's always looking for ways to save time and has found Twitter to be very useful in reaching new clients. " has been an extremely helpful tool. As I list new items they are posted to my Twitter account automatically within 30 minutes which then results in immediate views for my products. Using this tool saves me a lot of time and allows my products to be seen by hundreds of people almost instantly. This has helped me to connect with other professionals within and outside of my industry. These connections lead to referrals which lead to sales."

Glitzy Events is offering two specials this week:

- Become a Fan of their Facebook Page (, leave a comment on their Wall, and receive 5% off your full invitation order

- Order 2 or more INVITATION samples and get free shipping. Refund to be issued via PayPal.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I’ve Got Class. No, Really!

I've been working on my art journaling this week. If you have not started doing this already, I really recommend it. It’s fun and a great way for us visual types to learn about ourselves. I can’t say I’m really good at it yet. Something just hasn’t clicked for me with the process. I’m missing something. So when I found the book, The Creative Entrepreneur, I knew it was the right one for me. It’s full of visual journaling prompts and interactivities. My brain is soaking this stuff up like water!

I blogged recently about this book. As I did some digging for links for that article, I came across a class the author is offering about art journaling. Usually the class is $39, but it was on sale for only $19 as a Summer Camp Special. I signed up post haste!

The class is called “PowerFULL, Magical Visual Journals” and is described as “Life changing ways to create with a purpose. Learn how to create a visual journal from the plainest of blank books and turn it into your own unique tool to navigate your life and work.”

The class includes a 90 minute self-paced mp3 tutorial, full-color course workbook loaded with examples and visual journal prompts, and access to a private workshop discussion forum moderated by Lisa Sonora Beam (the author).

Wheee! Just what I need to take that extra step! I’m so excited!! In fact, I’m too excited still to even look at the materials! So I’m waiting for my brain to stop saying, “Wheeee!” so I can look at this stuff with some mental clarity. C’mon, brain, don’t fail me now!

Kristen, the Etsy Twitter Team Co-Leader, is also a Creative Entrepreneur Junkie. I let her know about the super good deal on the class, and she signed up, too. I look forward to sharing notes with her and looking at her work. She is extremely talented. She’s the brains behind the whole Etsy Twitter Team operation, actually. She comes up with the best ideas ever.

If you’re into this kind of thing, why not join us? Let me know if you sign up, too, and we can share our experiences. Remember – you cannot make art in a vacuum. It takes community!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Harry Potter and the Spider Plant Babies

Erik and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night. I thought it was good. Except for the part about Dumbledore – but I won’t spoil it for you. It’s been so long since I read the book that I forgot everything. It was all news to me. My memory is stinky like that. I think they maybe played up the teenage angst-ridden romance a bit too much. Many events probably occurred other than the hormonal teen longing they portrayed. But I’m hard pressed to list that stuff off because my brain betrays me.

Unfortunately, I went to the theater without having dinner and ended up eating a hot dog, a bag of Twizzlers, and popcorn. Too much junk food! I sure can put away the candy! It’s a rare occurrence to go to the theater because of the constant migraines, so I will just call it a good night out and not worry too much about my waistline. Enough said.

When we got home, Erik started work on planting some of the literally hundreds of spider plant babies from the plants in the living room. They had begun to take over like Tribbles. He could hardly get to the plants to water them! I think his plans are to set up a table in the front yard and sell the babies. “Sell the babies”… that doesn’t sound good. I think people get in trouble for doing things like that.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team: Team Treasuries

I made an Etsy Treasury and I'm in one!!

Please go visit them and click on each item and then comment on the Treasury. It moves it up in the "Hot" rating and might get us chosen to be on Etsy's front page.

Here's the one I made for Go Green with the Etsy Twitter Team. The team I run is having a huge eco-friendly sale until July 27th. I'm offering 15% off orders of $10 or more (not including shipping) on all items in my shop! Many members of the Etsy Twitter Team are also having sales. Plus we're also hosting a scavenger hunt! See here for the great prizes you could win! Shop handmade and save some green and save the Earth!

Here is the one I'm in! Created by Expires July 27th.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Orlando or Bust

My sister works for Booty Parlor and they had a convention a few weeks ago in Orlando, Florida. I jokingly asked if I could go with her, and she promptly got on the computer and started quoting me airline fares. She’s spontaneous like that. It was surprisingly cheap to fly there so I said “What the heck!” and bought tickets. I think the Universe was speaking to me and told me to go to Orlando!!

I had no idea what I might do for the weekend or where I would go. It turned out that the hotel where we stayed wasn’t that close to anything that I could get a free shuttle to. So I spent most of my time at the hotel, which is fine because I really like hotels.

I brought more art supplies with me than clothes or toiletries! Seriously! More than half of my suitcase and carry on were taken up with colored pencils, paper, glue, scissors, and collage materials! So I turned my trip into a mini creative retreat. And it worked out beautifully. I had a great time. It was surprisingly refreshing to be devoid of responsibility for three days. I didn’t know how much I needed that. I’m known for constantly underestimating time off.

On my creative journey this year I started working through The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam. This book is awesome! I cannot recommend it more highly. I’m having some trouble getting things done lately due to the chronic pain. This book actually covers stuff that I need for my personal life as well as the business. The part I worked on at the hotel was about sensing, thinking, feeling, and acting – all areas of my life that I’m struggling with personally and professionally.

The author lays it out for you – destructive and constructive ways to think, sense, feel, and act. I am doing way more destructive stuff than the constructive stuff! Yikes! A real eye opener! But the cool thing is that she writes, “Destructive thinking is remedied through constructive feeling and action.” Makes perfect sense, right, since they are all so interconnected? So that means that destructive feelings are remedied through constructive thinking and action. All related! When I read that, my mind opened up like a blooming chrysanthemum! I had a serious “A-ha” moment right there, let me tell you.

I came home feeling more positive than I have in a long time about things in general. My energy is restored, my attitude is better, and I’m not so dragged down by the pain like I have been for months. As I continue to work through this book, I am learning more about myself and my process and how I got to this place I’m struggling with. My plan is to continue to take a good hard look at things I do that affect my mood, thoughts and therefore the pain. It’s really nice to have my art to fall back on when words fail me as I explore a more productive way to do things. So you can expect to see some more art journaling here as well.

So thank you, Orlando, for giving me some space to work things out! And I must say that laying out at the pool also helped!!