Monday, August 24, 2009

Facebook Fans On Etsy Street Team

I recently teamed up with the founders of the Facebook Fans on Etsy Street Team. It started as a group on Facebook and then grew to becoming an Etsy Street Team. An Etsy Street Team is a group of Etsy sellers coming together for a common purpose such as sharing our love for Facebook and Etsy combined.

The founders are Lucky Lady Bug Designs, Ripper Arts Studio & Gallery; Miss Moose Designs; In My Head Studios; AmieVoltaire; Buddha Kitty Glass; 3am Art Productions; Cheryl's Purple Cow.

I’m really excited to be a part of another team like this. I’m lending my “expertise” gained from running the Etsy Twitter Team. So far we have a blog, a site for our shops, a site on Ning, a flickr group, and the original group on Facebook.

The founding ladies are all very welcoming and knowledgeable. I think starting a team with several people in leadership roles is a great way to do it. The Etsy Twitter Team started with just two people and it has been hard to get others to sign on for more work.

So keep your eyes peeled for our big flashy first promotion. I’m not sure when it is yet. I will keep you posted! For now please enjoy (and click and comment on) this Etsy Treasury created by our main founder, Gloria Bray!

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Expires August 27th

Give it some click and comment love!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Helping Joyce from the Etsy Twitter Team

Repost from Punky Jane's Blog:

What an amazing community Etsy is. Add to that the love and support from the Etsy Twitter Team and you've got a powerful combo!

One of my fellow EtsyTwitter Team members, Joyce Richards of Beads of Glass, was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung cancer. We just found out this week that it has also spread to her brain.

We planned a "Sneak Attack" on her shop on Sunday, August 16th, trying to clear out her inventory and help with the unbelievable medical expenses. There are still items left to buy to help her financially. Her work is beautiful!

I just read in our Team board that South Paw Studios is donating 60% of the next 10 sales directly to Joyce. Amazing idea!

In the spirit of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I'm [Punky Jane] going to donate 50% of all sales now through Friday, August 21st to Joyce Richards.

Mikiye Creations will donate 100% of the proceeds of the purchase price of this flower Elegant Camille will be DONATED to Joyce:

8-17-09 :: JUST ADDED!
1st sale @Ojami will be donated to help Joyce:

8-17-09 :: NEW!
50% of the sale of Strength In Numbers donated directly to Joyce:

8-17-09 :: NEW!
100% of the proceeds from the FOR JOYCE cancer support coffee drink cozy will be donated directly to Joyce:

8-17-09 :: NEW!
100% of the proceeds from everything in the Joyce Richardson Benefit section will be donated:

8-18-09 :: NEW!
75% of the proceeds from any sale at will be donated:

If you are going to offer something special to help Joyce, please let me know by leaving a comment here with your offer and your shop link. I'll grab your banner and compile the list so readers have a one stop shopping list.

If you'd like to make a PayPal donation directly to Joyce, you can do that using this email address:

And she still has beautiful, handmade jewelry available in her shop

Please spread the word by blogging, tweeting and FB to help this fellow Etsian!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Art Day!

Did you know that today is Art Day? I didn’t know until someone posted it to Twitter. This makes me happy. Everyday is art day at my studio! But some people don’t get any art in their lives so I think having Art Day is very important, especially for the kiddies.

Artists for A Better World International member, Becky Mate, is the founder of an international holiday for artists of all disciplines called Art Day, which falls annually on the second Friday in August. Since 1998, she has let people around the world know that such a holiday exists.

“Art Day is the perfect time to celebrate creativity and bring joy to others: draw a picture, compose a song, write a poem or story, paint, have a party! In short, Art Day is about bringing a smile to others and forwarding the concept of creating a better world though aesthetics.”

I like that last part: “creating a better world though aesthetics”. I think aesthetics are under appreciated. Much can and has been said about having beauty around us and how that affects us psychologically and physiologically. I know for me personally, if I don’t have stimulating art or soothing images in my house, I get cranky. Also, I get cranky being in places that have aesthetics that displease me. The run down parts of where I live bother me not just aesthetically because these aesthetics bring to mind thoughts of poverty and suffering. That’s why I am a huge fan of public art projects in the parts of town that could use some improved aesthetics. It really can change things, get people involved in their community when they might otherwise have not been involved, and it lets visitors know we care about our city.

I do really believe we can create a better world through aesthetics. Art Day is a good start! Now I’m off to make some art!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week: Safiya Beauty

Everything about Nailah Safiya Blades’ shop at is sumptuous. She creates natural bath and body products that merge natural and eco-friendly ingredients with luxurious indulgence. You can moisturize, polish, make suds, lather, and soak with her products.

Her shop announcement says, “Safiya’s philosophy is to provide you with the finest, purest natural and organic products, but never at the risk of neglecting your need to feel beautiful and smell delicious. Our products contain only what is absolutely necessary to make the absolute best product for your body without sacrificing your desire to feel fantastic.” It makes me want to check out her shop for something that will make me feel soft and pretty. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!!

Nailah wants you to know that she works “very hard to make sure that my products are made with the very best ingredients I can find. I think as a culture, we pay very close attention to what we put into our bodies but not so much what we put on them, which is just as important. Because of that, all of my products are made with natural ingredients and contain no parabens, phthalates, or harsh preservatives. I also strive to provide an environmentally friendly product and go to great lengths to ensure this.

“I’m an indulgent person and I think that shows through with my products. I really enjoy creating products that will transport my consumer to their own little private spa. I love using creamy butters and skin-loving vegetable oils because they create such opulent products. I’m also slightly inspired by food! All of my bath bombs are cookies or cupcakes – I have a major sweet tooth.”

You can even see the indulgence in her products through her photos. The way the butters peak up firmly, you can tell they have a lot of body to them and will be luxuriously creamy.

Her favorite thing about her craft is “how the finished product makes others feel. I love watching someone try my body butters for the first time and see their eyes light up as they rub it into their skin or as they smell the scents. That’s definitely my favorite part!”

About Twitter: “I love Twitter! I think my biggest piece of Twitter advice would be to make sure it’s not all about you. I try to ‘RT’ [retweet] others or share articles that others may find helpful. I also use Twitter to announce any specials on my shop or when I have new blog posts.”

Are you looking for the perfect gift or favor? Custom and wholesale orders are welcomed by Safiya Beauty! They offer private labeling for weddings, showers and parties.

Follow her on Twitter @safiyabeauty
Read her blog at

Special for this Week: 15% off your entire order – just mention “EtsyTwitter” in the seller’s notes and she will reimburse you via PayPal refund.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

All photos copyright to Safiya Beauty/Nailah Safiya Blades

Reposted from my original post at Etsy Twitter Team: Shop of the Week: Safiya Beauty

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Robot Army in My Garage - I Wish!

I don't normally blog Etsy Treasuries that I didn't create or that I'm not in. Once in a while, one comes along that strikes my fancy, and this one did just that. One of my Twitter friends made it.

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Expires August 3rd

I adore assembled robots made from junky and/or antique parts!! My normal practice is to say, “Oooh! Nice Treasury!” and maybe click on a few items. But not this one. I savored each of these listings to their full degree. I hearted some shops and items. Unfortunately, most of these are too expensive for my art-buying budget. So I can only hope I’ll win the lottery and can buy all of them someday!

My secret dream is to have a studio in the garage where I can do this kind of work. I’ll go to every garage sale and flea market I can find and hoard old bits of kitchen gadgets, tins, and hardware. Then, back at my secret lab, I will gather my finds, produce little bits of robot love, sprinkle in a good measure of Artificial Intelligence, and voilá! A small army of awesome robots to defend my hardware stash from my hunny throwing it all out because, as he says, “We don’t need any more of this junk!” Mwwuuuhahahhahaha!! It’s the perfect plan! Next stop: Global Etsy domination!

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