Saturday, February 28, 2009

Painted Pottery of Passion

On Valentine’s Day, Erik and I went to Color Me Mine to paint some pottery as our romantic date! Art + Love = A Happy Vickie.

I painted a bowl for eating big delicious dinner sized salads. The pink I chose complements green leafies very well. Once it was painted, I used a toothpick to scratch away the glaze to make the vine pattern. It turned out better than I thought it would have.

Erik chose a rice bowl with holes for keeping his chopsticks from rolling away. The technique he used was all about bubbles, huge piles of soapy, painty bubbles. He mixed dish soap with his glaze and blew into it with a straw. He let the bubbles overflow out of the cup and onto his bowl. I looked up from my paining and saw this huge billowing pile of bubbles on the table. I wish I had brought my camera. It was hilarious. The detail left by the bubbles is amazing. I didn’t think the little ones were going to show up that well.

Going to paint pottery is a bit expensive but lots of fun. I could see this happening frequently for gifts and whatnot. Plus, who doesn’t need more bowls?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rainbow Popcorn Party

Monday, at my niece’s house she made us play “Rainbow Popcorn Party”. What you ask is a “Rainbow Popcorn Party”? She just made it up. She’s 4 ½ going on 9. It involves rainbow balloons, streamers and party hats.

We drew balloons and made a sign, and I drew streamers and she taped them to the walls. Then she said we needed party hats. So I cut out circles from construction paper and made cone-shaped hats. They didn’t turn out too well and some were either too big or too small. But they ended up fitting all the stuffed animals, from Pinky the Dog to a big frog. I even made hats for my sister, my niece and myself. Any excuse to play with paper and you can count me in!

We served our guests play food and real popcorn. My sister is a popcorn nut. I gave her an old fashioned popper you crank on the stove and she uses it all the time. She makes the best popcorn ever.

I love how creative my niece is. She always singing or making up funny stories. She spends hours in front of the mirror making faces and doing dance steps. She’s a performer. I love her so much! She says she wants to be an artist “like Aunt Vickie!” when she grows up. I would have to say she is already on her way. She can write all her letters and does the most wonderful drawings. She’s getting good at using scissors now too. We have so much fun together. And, of course, I indulge her every whim. So who am I to say no to a Rainbow Popcorn Party?!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Art Journal: Qualities

I finally finished these pages with the writing. I’ll just let it speak for itself.

Art Journal: Qualities
click image to see it bigger over at flickr!