Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Product Launch – Altered Domino Christmas Ornaments

I’m so excited to be rolling out a new product line today! Aren’t you excited, too?! I can feel that you are!

Heart and Family Altered Domino Christmas Tree Ornament - Live Laugh Love

Fancy Tree Altered Domino Christmas Tree Ornament

Ta Da! Altered domino Christmas tree ornaments!

Several years ago I mentioned to my eternally-garage-sale-going grandmother that I needed some dominos to make art with. She promptly found about 700. What to do? Make lots of things with dominos.

Some of them are very very old. The wood ones are all vintage antiques. The bigger dominos are the plastic kind.

I’ve really enjoyed making these. I was hoping my canvas would be expanding from 1” x 1” to something bigger. But these are still about the same size only a slightly different orientation. For some reason I gravitate towards making things that are really small with tiny bits of paper. My eyesight isn’t going to tolerate this much longer!

I have about 20 of these made so keep watching my shop for new additions!


Stefani said...

700?? Ask and ye shall receive, eh?

They are adorable!

In My Head Studios said...

UPDATE: The tree with the pink background sold yesterday! Get them while they're hot!

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