Saturday, November 29, 2008

It Went Well!

I’m really not one to toot my own horn very often, but we did the best we ever did at a craft show today. Mind you we’ve only done a handful of shows. So I’m all giddy.

The attendance at the Irondequoit High School was fantastic. As I drove around town this week I kept seeing signs they put up to advertise the show. It was in several papers, too. The promoters do a really good job of promoting. It helps that this show has been going on for 30+ years.

Our spot was by the front doors as I expected. Turns out that’s a great place to be set up. Everyone had to walk by our table to get to the rest of the show. I hope we can get the same spot for next year.

We sold half of the domino Christmas ornaments, half of the glass tile magnets, and half of the Scrabble tile pendants. My mother had to run home and get supplies so I could make more ribbon necklaces to go with the Scrabble tile pendants.

I’m really looking forward to the Buffalo Indie Market show on December 14th. I have inventory to stock up on so I better get busy. I’m meeting with a local shop for a consignment deal tomorrow. I might have more to catch up on than I think right now.


¤~∙3zArt∙~¤ said...

Way to go!! That is so good to hear!!


Stefani said...

Excellent - way to go, Vickie!!!

I can't wait to hear about the Buffalo show.


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