Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Photo Studio

Right now my photo studio for my art is my dining room table. Not a great place for this but it was the only clean table I had at the time. (Note to self: clean the studio.) This is what it looks like when I’m taking pictures of domino ornaments.

Photographing Ornaments

The lights are two shop lamps with regular household light bulbs. My hunny made the wood bases for me to clamp my lights on. What you cannot see is my camera and tripod set up as I was using it to take this photo. I assure you, I do use a tripod.

In order to get the best color I recommend using the custom white balance setting on your camera if you have one. Hold up a piece of white paper in front of your camera in your studio lighting and set the custom white balance. This tells your camera what is “white” in this particular lighting. I had to do very little lighting or color corrections to my photos thanks to this trick. Editing these pictures took no time at all as I just had to crop and resize them for the web.

I’m giving away all my secrets here, people. Take notes.

I would prefer to take my pictures with natural sunlight, but here in Rochester I’ll be waiting forever for the sun to cooperate. The nice thing about my set up is that it is portable… for when I get a spot in my studio to take pictures. Plus it’s not hard to break down when we want to have dinner in our dining room.

Domino Ornament Collage

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Stefani said...

I've read about that white balance stuff but never investigated it with my camera but now you've inspired me. Thanks Vickie!

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