Sunday, November 4, 2007

Today's Featured Item

My favorite pendant I have for sale right now has to be the Believe Glass Collage Pendant. So vibrant. So sparkly. So versatile. Each side is different so it is like buying two pendants in one. This art is original and not digitally collaged or made from a print of another collage. Each side is a one-of-a-kind work of art protected by pieces of microscope slide glass - remember those from biology class? Well, now they’re fun!

One side features three punched flowers from magazine pictures and the word “believe” cut out from an old book that was sitting in my grandmother’s eternally-ready-for-a-garage-sale garage. (Seriously, no one could ever pull a car in there for all the tables!) The other side has a single flower. Both sides have a deep red background; the front has sparkly silver lines rubber stamped across it.

Made with lead-free skin-safe metal (4% silver). Pendant measures approximately 1” x 1” and comes with a 21” silver-colored chain with round clasp.

be·lieve v: to be of the opinion that something exists or is a reality, especially when there is no absolute proof of its existence or reality.

I believe everyone needs a little reminder sometimes that there are plenty of good things in this world to believe in. Fairys, for instance. Or angels. Or the love that is in your heart even during those times you do not feel it there. Wear this pendant to remind yourself or others that we all have something to believe in, ourselves!

You could also use it for a charm or bookmark! Possibilities are endless!

I can put pretty much anything that can be made into a 1" x 1" piece of paper into these pendants. A photograph, a picture of a memento, or other small flat items... you dream it, I will try to do it! Custom 1" x 1" pendants cost only $29.99. You supply the digital image or object and I will resize it for your pendant. Email me about custom orders!

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