Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thick Purple Paper

paper edge

The thick purple paper finally dried after some prodding with a hot iron. It may be my favorite piece. The finish is so soft and velvety.

it won't bend

It is so thick it has no flexibility at all. Here it is balanced on my finger. I love the textured surface and the color.


The edges are deckled nicely. You can see where I tried to fold it on the corner. Wasn't budging much!

Now I really cannot wait to make a card out of it or something. My goal is to figure out how to do this the "traditional papermaking" way, not the "straining leftover pulp" way.

Have you ever made paper? How did it go? I'd love to hear about it!


chocolate and steel said...

Those are really great pictures of your paper. I love the first one.

Field Notes said...

Hi! I love the color of that paper :) I don't like the straining left over pulp method either. It's so wasteful! I use a technique I invented after watching a video that showed how to make paper. I saw it and a light bulb went on! Thus, my papermaking was born :) Experiment with different methods - eventually you'll find one you like.

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