Saturday, November 17, 2007


In My Head Studios is offering FREE SHIPPING on all items purchased from November 17 - 30, 2007! Shop and ship in time for the holidays!

Now is also the time to request custom glass collage pendants. They start at $29.99! I can put practically anything in the glass collage pendants: pictures of your kids, pets, vacations, or mementos photographed or scanned… you dream it, I can do it (if it I can make it into a 1”x1” piece of paper). 

Make your mother cry with pictures of her kids or grandkids in a pendant! Give your "cat lady" friend a pendant displaying her precious feline so she can show him/her off to everyone! Send me a picture of you and your sweet heart and show her you are always thinking of her. Big bonus points!! 

Can't beat that with a sharp stick, can you?

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Nicole said...

how fun! thanks for listing your blog on my bloggy thread in the etsy forums. i hope you get a ton of holiday sales! stop by my blog anytime--i'd love to hear your thoughts!

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