Thursday, November 29, 2007

Consignment Pendants for Pink Andie Beads

Pendants for Pink Andie Beads

Pink Andie Beads contacted me through for 10 pendants on consignment. These are what I shipped off to her last week. It's my fist consignment job!

From left to right top to bottom:
1. Bingo "lucky lady"
2. Little bird (pendant design also available at my etsy shop now)
3. Angel with blue bead
4. Green and brown swirls
5. "Wish on a star" fairy
6. Cherry blossoms (has tiny origami frame on back)
7. "She is going places" woman
8. Brown tree branches
9. Lady in fancy hat
10. "Elegant" fairy woman

They all have different designs on the reverse side.

See something you like? I'll be happy to make one for you. Contact me!

All designs and packaging © In My Head Studios


Neda said...

Lovely blog! Thank you so much for isiting and commenting on mine. Keep up the good work! Be creative and passionate :)

In My Head Studios said...

thank you!

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