Saturday, January 2, 2010

Remarkable Artist Community for Women!

While searching for art journal pages to look at on Twitter I stumbled across a community for women artists called Milliande Art Community. This fabulous and inspiring artist named Milliande started it. She makes neat videos of herself making great art and art journal pages as well as several in depth tutorials. This community appears to be rich and vibrant. Many new posts and comments from all over the world are happening there all the time! This is my personal page in the group.

She started a project called Art Journal January 2010 in which she hopes to have a new video and page done everyday. I’m not quite that ambitious, but I will play along as much as I can. However, I tend to work slowly and don’t think I will be video taping my process at all. I am intrigued about doing something like that in the future so we will see. But you can expect lots of pictures! It's a good thing I received a new handmade art journal for 2010 from my mom!

Here is her video for January 1st:

I love how quickly she works. Her style is very free and kinesthetic. So inspiring!

Are you taking on any creative endeavors for 2010? I would love to hear about it in the comments!


Stefani said...

Yikes! It's so disorganized!

Just kidding - I too love how she goes so fast - no overthinking done here.

Cool idea and community. Thanks for sharing - you'll have fun, I know.

Suzanne McNeill said...

I agree Stefani, no over thinking, sometimes hard to do. My local Mixed Media group will be starting on journals, this is a great video to share with them.

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