Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hope: Art Journal Page

Hope :: Art Journal Page

I did it! I got into working in my new handmade (by Parkside Harmony) art journal! Success! The paper quality is most excellent. No wrinkling or buckling. The pages are Stonehenge heavy weight paper - some of my all-time favorite paper! It is good for just about any medium.

Most of yesterday was spent creating this page. I didn’t really plan much where the different papers were going to go. I just went with what I picked up at the time. I used matte gel medium to glue the paper down and went over it to seal it. I like to go back and fill in the blank areas with paint. The gel medium makes for a nice painting surface. It is also good for stamping on with paint or ink. Adds a lot of dimension.

Hope :: Art Journal Page :: Close 1
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The book pages measure 8” x 8” so this spread is 8” x 16”. I liked working across the fold of the binding. I have been working in spiral bound books and it’s harder to do that in those.

I thought the theme of “Hope” would be a good way to start my 2010 art journal. My plan is to complete the whole book by the end of the year. Ideally, I would like to then exhibit the book somewhere. But first things first… make more pages!

Hope :: Art Journal Page :: Close 2

Hope :: Art Journal Page :: Close 3

I took a lot of photos of the page so I can print out artist trading card sized images and use them for “instant” backgrounds. Why not make all this work go a long way? I multi-task… so should my art!


Brown Sugar Babies said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Stefani said...

Beautiful! Glad you had fun. And I love that swirly stamp - kinda groovy!

Parkside Harmony said...

So Beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

gypsy said...

Very cool way to start the year, love the details on your pages! Glad you got your journal started, Yay!

Betsi Goutal said...

I love this! All the little bits and pieces, it's like a rainbow... actually, more like a soap bubble, with all the colors swirling together.

Really, really lovely. Thanks so much for the close up shots!

Josey's mom said...

gorgeous-felt like my eyes were big kissed!

Michelle said...

That is truly divinely beautiful! WOW! And I meant to mention before how much I like your blog redesign - also very lovely!

minoo said...

very nice i love them

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