Friday, June 6, 2008


I’m not normally one to honk my horn in the car unless the offender has done something really unsafe, does not see me, or requires the “you are stupid!” honk of frustration. Today someone did the latter to me and I honked a very brief short honk. Just a light toot, if you will. But my horn stayed on, blaring, for about a block. It would not stop unless I pushed down on my steering wheel like I was honking it. If I let go, the horn would sound again. This happened all the way to my appointment. Hooooooooooonk! Honk hoonk! I had to hold down the horn honker to keep it quiet while I drove for another 10 minutes.

I got to my destination and it stopped briefly. But if I moved the steering wheel at all it started again. How could I go into my appointment with my car screaming out in the parking lot? Punching the steering wheel several times finally made it stop and stay stopped. I had a serious case of “the embarrassments” at this point.

So that person probably thinks I’m an idiot for blaring my horn and repeatedly honking at her when she did not deserve all that. So, lady, to you, I say I am sorry. It was my horn. Not me being a jerk.


Mel said...

Well, I don’t know what is worse, honking when you don’t want the car to honk or not being able to honk when you want to. Like me going down town, franticly banging on the steering wheel with no sound at all. The horn is my outlet to a dangerous alternative of road rage. If I don’t have the horn may kids would learn the more colorful side of our language.

Joolie said...

The mental image of this is cracking me up! I can totally see the look on your face as you try to wrestle your horn into submission. And I bet that lady will definitely think twice before she does something stupid in traffic again.

thetinylittlegirl said...

awww that's so embarrassing! but at least you got a funny story out of it :-) said...

Oh No! That's terrible!
I hope it's fixed soon!

XUE said...

a pleasant surprise to living in tokyo - in all of 2 years, I've heard honking only 5 times! possibly the most truly polite motorists here!

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