Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sign Your Money Away

Finally the Macintosh is up and running and I have Photoshop back. So I made a little mortgage signing collage for you!

mortgage collage

Mr. M must have signed his name 50 times. The lawyer thought I was nuts for taking so many pictures of my hunny signing his name. No one in his office has done that before, which surprised me as so many people blog about such momentous occasions. I’m not an owner of the house so I didn’t have to sign one thing.

I did have a chance to look through the abstract about the property. I wish I could remember more dates to tell you about right now, but the abstract went back to at least Civil War era. The mystery of whose last name is etched on our front door knocker was solved. It belonged to the owners previous to the owners we bought the house from. We must get this remedied as I feel the house is “marked” by another family’s name. Who really lives here? I would take it down right now, but the front doorbell does not work, and the knocker is the only way we know if someone has stopped by.

We are still living in Box Town, but less so as the garage is now filling up with empty boxes. We’re saving the empty ones for our neighbors who will be moving soon. Sad to see them go as they are super nice. They were having a Father’s Day BBQ on the day we moved, and they brought us hot dogs, BBQ, soda, and dessert!

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