Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Move

We have arrived at the new house. We’ve been here for a week and 2 days. (Sorry, little blog, for neglecting you, but there has been too much on my “to do” list to tend to you. Please forgive me.)

I just love this house and so does Mr. M. It’s adorable and spacious and still filled with boxes. My main Mac computer still is not set up and I am blogging from the crummy laptop. I say we need a new Apple laptop so I can blog and Etsy from my lovely patio.

The kitchen is all done and we started on the living room over the weekend. Slowly but surely. The studio is about half set up. Most of the furniture is in the right places and now all I have to do is unpack boxes and set up my computer desk and work table.

We got a “trial by water” into new homeownership these past few weeks. We had a microburst come through and drop a lot of rain in a short time. The dining room window’s storm window was up so the windowsill filled with water. It seeped under the window and filled my dining room with water, about 1/4” deep on the wood floor. We were not living here yet so this water sat on our wood floor for a day until I stopped by to check on things and found the puddle. It had seeped down into the basement ceiling by this time. There was no landlord to call to come fix this. It’s now 100% our mess! Yay!

All is well now and the damage was not bad. Cleaning out the gutters seems to have fixed the water coming in the house problem. The water damage is giving Mr. M a reason to tear out the finished basement ceiling and replace it with drywall. He needs a project or two.

We had four owls in the backyard this weekend. They were beautiful. Our whole neighborhood is well covered with huge trees, one of the reasons I wanted to live here. I love trees. I have heard owls here but had not seen them until they landed in our tree. I tried really hard to get a picture for you but my camera would not focus in the dark. Grrr. Are owls good things to have around? Will they eat mice?

OK. Enough with the really long post for now. I’ll catch y’all up over the next week and will have pictures of the new house and studio as soon as I can get the Mac going.


Joolie said...

Owls are 100 percent awesome and eat mice like crazy. Do you know what kind they are?

In My Head Studios said...

i believe they are Short-Eared Owls. i identified them more by sounds i found online than by pictures as it was dark when i saw them last.

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