Thursday, May 29, 2008

Box Town, USA

Have I mentioned we’re moving into a house? A house of our very own? Our first house? I did? Well, I’m sure you’re just dying to hear more about it!

It’s a lovely 3 bedroom/2 full bathroom colonial in Irondequoit, NY. It’s not very far from where we are renting right now. The best thing is that it is about 8 blocks from my twin sister’s house! Yay!! So we’ll be seeing more of her and her adorable family. I love her so much. We are inseparable.

Other great features of this house:
- First floor laundry – need I say more about how happy this makes me? It makes me very, very happy because I cannot carry laundry baskets up and down too many stairs these days.
- Detached garage – one word: woodshop!
- Huge bedroom that I am turning into my studio. It will have room for more than one work surface. More about my exhilarating organizing efforts soon!
- It is in “move in” condition and needs no to very little work
- The front of the house faces south meaning lots of light for Mr. M’s plants!
- The kitchen counter top is teal! Not boring off-white or tan. Color! In my kitchen! I love this!
- Working fireplace in the living room
- Half of the basement is finished - good for cooling off and hanging out in the summer months
- Closet organizer in the master bedroom
- A yard to plant flowers and dig up stuff, have a compost pile and a rain barrel

But, for now, we are living in Box Town, and will continue to do so for about 2.5 more weeks. I do not like Box Town. I cannot walk around our place to get to the other stuff that needs to be packed. Also, living in this half-here and half-there limbo is stressful to me, as I like things to be constant. So I’m learning some new coping skills, like walking around the apartment with my fingers in my ears and my eyes closed repeating “this will all be okay soon” over and over again. Deep breath. Okay. I’m good.

Moving stinks. The process is way stressful. I’m hoping the payoff of living in our own home is worth this craziness! The studio will be the last thing to be packed, as I need it to de-stress in and create calm in my head. Trust me when I say this… this is the last time we EVER move.


Joolie said...

Oh, dear lord! I do not like Box Town either. But in a few weeks you will be in Setting Up Your New Home the Way You Like It Ville, which I hear is very nice this time of year.

Mel said...

Box town looks all too familiar to me. I remember how it was before we moved into our home. I am so excited for you! I am glad you gave the details because Mr. M. was not that descriptive to me. I can now get a better picture in my head. Congrats from us, sis-in-law. said...

This is so exciting, I hope your family is comfortable and safe here in your new home!

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