Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monkey Pants!!

photo by Anna M. of www.ImogensGarden.etsy.com

I was poking around in the Etsy forums a few weeks ago, as usual, and stumbled across ImogensGarden’s shop run by Anna M. She has the most adorable classic children's clothing with a contemporary flair. Immediately I fell in love with the sock monkey pants. Alas, she only had kid sizes! Mind you, I am not even five feet tall so I figured I could fit into a kid size. I sent her a message on Etsy to ask if she would be interested in a trade: monkey pants for a custom pendant. Never have I asked for a trade, so I was a bit hesitant to even put it out there. She said, “Yes!”

So I sent her my measurements (note to self: lose 10 pounds!). We began discussing her custom pendant. She told me she had lost both of her grandmothers in February of this year (along with two aunts and a tornado hit her house). She wanted a pendant to honor her grandmothers. One of her grandmothers had a glass bluebird of happiness on her windowsill for as long as Anna could remember. My grandmother had one too! Then I had a strong gut feeling that they were the same bluebirds. I had taken photos of my grandmother’s house shortly after she died so I would always remember some things I loved. The bluebirds were one of those images. I emailed the picture to Anna and sure enough they were the exact same ones her grandmother had! Small world. So we decided to use the photo as part of her pendant to remember her grandmothers. The back of the pendant has an owl on it to symbolize her other very wise grandmother.

Custom Pendant for ImogensGarden :: Front
Custom Pendant for ImogensGarden :: Back

The pants she made me are great! I love them! They fit just right and feel good too. The construction and serged edges really impressed me.

But what really got to my heart about all this was the lovely feedback she gave me on Etsy. She wrote, ”Absolutely the most beautiful, meaningful piece of jewelry I own. This means the world to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I love how art has the power to touch us so deeply and across many miles. I’m very grateful for the new friend I made. Thanks, Anna!

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