Monday, January 21, 2008

We Tabled It

Display Table at Second Saturday
The open house at Second Saturday went very well. I’m told the crowd turnout was high for the event. Sales were not fantastic, but I had a great time meeting people and seeing the other artists’ studios in the building. And that’s what the day was all about for me anyway. I was just so happy to be there.

Thank you to Christina Laurel for inviting me to be a guest artist!! Christina is a very talented collage artist whom I met through the Arts Council in Rochester, NY. She has been teaching me a lot about the local arts scene and introducing me to a bunch of great people. At her recent art show at the Williams Gallery, titled “Layers”, I fell in love with one of her pieces of work. To my surprise, she offered a trade for one of my pieces called “Checkered Past”, which is shown above (it’s the big orange collage on the left). So we traded at Second Saturday. I’m thrilled! I’ve never done a trade and it’s great because I can rarely afford artwork I fall in love with.

Getting my table display together proved to be fun work. Mom and I stopped by a thrift shop and found the two candelabras to hang jewelry from. One candelabrum looks like a person wearing a hat. I think the felt bead necklaces look striking displayed this way. We made the tablecloth and the wood display stand on the right in the photograph. Since I have a table display now I plan on applying to a few local craft shows. Yay! More new art adventures!

More photographs at Flickr.

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