Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today Was A Howler

The winds gusted to over 70 mph today!! The howling woke us at 5 am. It was unlike anything I’ve heard come from outside. It scared me! Images of The Wizard of Oz whirled in my mind. Does renter’s insurance cover trips to Oz?

Our grill and the chairs on the porch blew over. So did a semi truck on the expressway. Trees are down everywhere including on the garage next to ours. Some folks are still without power. I guess we got paid back for the 2 previous days of spring in January. The temp was 62° when I was still up at 3:23 am this morning! Maybe we are in Oz already.

I fired up my new sewing machine toady to hem a huge piece of crushed black velvet for a tablecloth for the show Saturday. The sewing machine has an automatic needle threader!! I never heard of such a thing. I’m so glad they exist. I automatically threaded my needle, pulled it out, and did it again just to watch it work. It’s the little things, I guess. ☺

The display rack for necklaces is now half finished. Glue takes so long to dry and I get impatient. The cup hooks are screwed into place on the crossbar so I just have to glue and nail it together tomorrow. My inclination is to water down paint and “stain” the wood rather than paint it.

If you are having an art or craft show of some kind, might I recommend something? Go to the thrift store and buy things to use for your display. I got a silver candelabrum for a steal and it’s going to look great with pendants hanging from it. I figure that I need something to entice people to my table. My jewelry is hard to see from across the room so I need my display to say, “come over here!” I hope my kooky ideas don’t make my table look cluttered.


katydiddy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you want some more tips for marketing at the craft fair, email me & I'll send you one of my tip sheets.

idyll hands said...

I use candle holders for my craft fair tables too. The ones that hold pillar candles are perfect displays for my hand knit bracelets.

Callista said...

wow thats some crazy wind lol thanks for your comment i like meeting fellow etsy fans! thanks again callista

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