Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's On My Work Table: Wednesday

Hey kids, what time is it?! It's time for "What's On My Workdesk Wednesday"! AKA "What's On My Art Table Wednesday"! It's so fabulous it has two names!

Workdesk. Art table. Tomato. Tomahto. 

Actually the posts I started doing (and apparently stopped) were called "What's On My Art Table Wednesday?". Today it's changed because I want to participate in "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday" (WOYWW) over at the Stamping Ground blog.

What's On My Work Desk: Wednesday 2/1/12

I took this photograph yesterday when what was in front of me while art-ing struck me as such a beautiful colorful mess. And I love those kinds of messes! 

The colored bits of paper are all painted by me for use in my mixed media collage. This photo shows quite a lot of the various media I like to use. I use paint, markers, paper, inks, stamps that I make myself, fiber, ribbons, watercolors, stencils - both homemade and purchased, gel mediums, and paper punches to name a few. 

The piece I am currently working on is that tiny oblong rectangle of green next to my yellow striped scissors. That is the size of my original collages for my line of domino pendants. Tiny. 

This photo was taken with my iPhone 4S, with which am I madly in love. The resolution is much better than previous models. Mixed with fun photography and editing apps it's a handy artists' workhorse. This was photographed with Camera+ and then edited in Instagram. You can find me on Instagram by the name of HeyVickie

Thanks for dropping by to my studio "virtually". I'd have you over personally but this place is a mess! 

- Vickie

I'm not being paid by anybody for any of this. Just sayin'.  


leslie (crookedstamper) said...

I love your desk. I really do. :)

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Vickie! Great picture of your jumble of color and fabulous stuff! Patsy

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what an inviting desk! that certainly is a wonderful picture! no wonder my daughter also love the iphone4! thank you for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS

Julia Dunnit said...

Wonderful view! Glad you decided to join in, and as you say, tomato tomahto...I'm a tomahto speaker!
Love the coloured textures I espy, and generally that successful use of the 'push back' technique that so many of us use to make space. Go you!

Maria said...

I love your desk, there is something realy inspiring about a artist desk. I wish i could leave my stuff on a desk waiting to work on it again the next day, ufortunetly i have to work on my dinner-table and have to clean up my arty-mess every time. You gave me the inspiration to take some pictures of my arty-mess(going to do that from now on)Thanks
Going to visit the link now.
Have a nice weekend

sunshyne_silverwear said...

The photograph of your workspace makes me feel right at home. ;)
The thing about my studiois, yeah, it might look like a bomb went off, but ask me where the star shaped glitter is and i'll pull it right out of that chaos!
Organized mess, that's what I call it.

Lou said...

WOW, what a wonderfully creative, inspiring desk,table mess, its beautiful!

Francesca DeCaire said...

Love your detailed work and your mess!

SueH said...

Late as usual with my visits for WOYWW but it’s been great having a peek into your crafty world this week.
Loving your mess…..sorry I meant to say desk, Lol!

Have a great week and ………………………………………….

Happy Crafting!

Dahlia said...

Hey Vicki! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And had to visit yours and my oh much inspiration! Love the colorful mess, reminds me of my art get what I mean! LOL. Take care! xo Dahlia @

Bridget Larsen said...

Inspiration reeks on your desk, very colourful and I love your blog layout and header picture
Bridget #72

Sheena said...

It is a lovely colourful mess!
I'm working my way through this weeks WOYWW - I’m finally on the home straight!


Elizabeth said...

Hi, just popping in to say hello before the week has gone entirely. Yours is a very colourful and busy desk - I enjoyed peaking round your stuff. Hope your weekend has been a good one. Elizabeth x #78

Kira said...

Oh Vickie, you're so brave! One of these days I'll be brave too and post a picture of my studio without cleaning it up first!

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