Friday, February 10, 2012

I Got One!! Tim Holtz Journey Journal Kit

The always inspiring Tim Holtz said on his blog yesterday that he was opening his Etsy shop at 12 PDT (3 PM EST) today! I set a reminder on my phone and jumped up and down on the refresh button as it got closer to 3:00 PM here. 

This little goody popped up right on time, and I hit that green "Add to Cart" button as fast as I could. I logged into to PayPal faster than light and managed to snag one of these kits! I can't believe it! 

Look! It's a tiny little suitcase journal kit! It's just big enough to hold an ATC sized book (2.5" x 3.5").

image from Tim Holtz's Etsy shop

I think he only had 150 listed. They sold out in under 4 minutes. Way to go, Tim! It appears Mario already has them packed for shipping!

The kit includes: 

1 instruction sheet 
1 mini suitcase (these are the last of his stash) 
2 grungeboard covers 
9 cardstock pages (paper designs vary) 
9 clear pockets 
9 journaling tickets 
2 small book d-rings 
2 long fasteners 
1 ornate plate 
1 locket key 
1 trinket pin 
1 swivel clasp 
1 journey text

Some of these goodies I have yet to play with like the ornate plates and small book d-rings.

Seriously, this is the only reason I got out of bed today. I've pulled several muscles in my neck and back and can hardly sit upright without crying. All this crummy dental work has set off a string of uncomfortable and severe migraine events.

However, it's Game Night with my friends tonight and I must be there! We are making the most amazing dessert ever!
- Vickie


Jenxo said...

sorry to hear about your neck problems but how great to snag your TH it...

Kira said...

I hope you feel better soon!
I look forward to seeing what you end up making with all the new-found goodies!

sunshyne_silverwear said...

Congrats on snagging your goodies! It reminds me of when concert tickets go on sale and I'm up at the crack of dawn, first in line at the local Ticketmaster. :)
Feel better soon...hope to see you on Monday!

Francesca DeCaire said...

I can see why you are so excited. That is a beauty of a kit.

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