Monday, October 13, 2008

The Potential Value of Status Updates

Thanks to an Etsy forum post by redpandajewelry, I learned more about twitter and how to use it. Basically it’s just a whole lot of Facebook status updates, which I really enjoy already. You can post up to 140 characters. It’s kind of like little mini-blog posts for those of us who may not have a lot to say.

Redpandajewelry says she has gotten quite a few sales with some smart marketing strategies on twitter. For example, she sells chainmaille jewelry. On twitter she searched the word “chainmaille” and followed everyone who had made any mention of chainmaille. In this way she exposed potential customers to her Etsy shop. I’m not sure how this strategy might work for my particular product yet, but I am on my way to figuring it out. Plus it’s good to be socializing with other artists.

My feelings are “Oh, great. Something new to have to constantly update.” But it if helps my struggling business get its feet under it, then so be it. It only costs time, and I’m usually parked in front of my computer for much of the day anyway.

If you join you can find me at


lisianblue said...

So, you're not going to be quite so greedy, huh? lo

I know what you mean about trying to keep up with one more thing! I stayed off twitter for a few months - am back again to see if it helps any! Thanks for visiting my blog, and your very nice comment - I'll add your name to the list.

Tara @ WAHM Blog said...

Twitters is a great place to connect with others. said...

You are so funny!
One of your last comments about trying to keep up with something else was exactly what I thought of!
But your right, whatever it takes to keep the business up and running.
I will look for you on twitter!

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