Friday, February 15, 2008

Da Plugboard Is In the House

Thanks to The Bitty Moose and Eli N Opus, I learned about something new today… plugboards! You can see one down at the bottom of my left column. They are little 88x31 pixel ads. Usually I frown at advertising thingys. But this is done by real people with real shops and I hope no one abuses my plugboard. Ahem to the porn people. I decided to put one up to return the favor of others allowing me to plug on their sites.

This all started with a forum thread on Etsy. Then I had to learn how to make an animated gif file in Photoshop. Tom with the international shipping cheat sheet is out. Eli N Opus is in with a very helpful tutorial on how to make animated gifs.

Please spend some time clicking the shop ads, especially those for Etsy shops!!

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Joolie said...

Very cool...Tom can suck it!

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