Saturday, February 9, 2008

Crafty Success!

I would first like to start by saying how much I admire the people who work their butts off doing art and craft show circuits. It is tough work! My appreciation for this group of artful toilers has increased tenfold.

I had a really enjoyable day at my first craft show today. Sales were good, “people watching” was in rare form, and I was treated to a free breakfast!

The other vendors near us were pleasant and talented. They offered plentiful and useful advice for my crafty future. The day went by quickly with my new-found friends. The quality of this show was outstanding as well. I can only hope all the other ones I do are held to this standard.

Making the decision to take credit cards was the right one. Forty three percent of my sales came via the ability to charge it. That number is higher than I was expecting. It paid for itself in one show! And I managed to not rip the skin off my knuckles using the imprint machine. Bonus!

So my sights are set on shows coming up in the Rochester area. I already made a call about one in particular. It is juried so cross your fingers for me!

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earth and sun folk said...

congrats on your first show :) sounds like a great day!

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