Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Time for Index-Card-A-Day 2013!

Hello, June! You are my favorite month. The flowers and trees are finally blooming all over. My raspberry bushes are bending under the strain of so many hopeful buds. Warm nights smell of lilacs, roses, and neighborhood fire pits. In other words, summer finally makes it's late entrance here in the "frozen tundra" of Rochester, NY.

June means the beginning of the 2013 Index-Card-A-Day Challenge (ICAD3)! One index card a day for June and July = 61 cards! Everyone is welcome to join. If you're late starting, that's ok. Just start! 

Tammy at Daisy Yellow has (completely optional) prompts and weekly themes. If you're kind of stuck and don't know what to do, these can be a helpful push.

Join the flickr group and share your cards! Join the Facebook group, too! 

Hashtags & such: On twitter + instagram + tumblr + facebook use #icad. On flickr tag your artwork icad.

Link your blog posts here:

{be creative everyday} JUNE 1
ICAD3 - JUNE 1, 2013
Painty phone book page collage background, acrylic paint, gel pens, Pitt pens, stamps, soft gel medium (semi-gloss). 
So here is my first card! The background is a collage of painty phone book pages that I use to clean off my brayer when printing. Ooohh, all the juicy colors left behind! It seemed a waste to, well, waste them. Details were added with gel pens and Pitt pens. 

I got lucky with my estimate of how long I needed to paint the white stripes to allow for the stamping of the words. Thanks, Muse!

I truly hope you decide to join in the fun. No pressure on all 61 cards. I had a blast doing this last year and I didn't make all 61. The world did not end. :)

Now shut off the computer and make some index cards!

- Vickie

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Jane Wetzel said...

you crack me up and I LOVE your blog :) happy to have found it! I am actually TRYING the icad and hope to post SOME.. lol

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