Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ICAD 2013 First Week Catch-Up

Presenting a round-up of my first 6 days of Index-Card-A-Day (and my {be creative everyday} practice, too!)

Queen ICAD3 : JUNE 2
ICAD3 : JUNE 2 : Queen
Prompt: crown.  Theme: rainbow colors.
Created with a background of painty phonebook pages from cleaning off my brayer when Gelli™ printing. The rest is acrylic paint, ink, gel pen, & colored pencil.

She Has Stripes: ICAD3 JUNE 3rd
ICAD3 : JUNE 3 : Fearless
Prompt: zebra
Woman cut from magazine. I added her stripes with a Sharpie™. The background is acrylic paint and my own handmade stamp designs.


Klimt ICAD :  JUNE 4
ICAD3 : JUNE 4 : Klimt
Gustav Klimt has been on my mind lately. Created with thick handmade paper collage,  watercolor crayons, a brown Sharpie™, white gel pen, gold gel pen, and graphite.

Love Fairy ICAD :  JUNE 5
ICAD3 : JUNE 5 : Love

This one doesn't fit any prompts. She has been hanging around in my head for some time and I had to let her out. I plan on doing something with her for a painting.

{be creative everyday} JUNE 6 + Index-Card-A-Day 2013
ICAD3 : JUNE 6 : {Grow Beauty}
This started with a scrapbook paper background I chose because I liked the colors. I used acrylic paint to stamp the flower designs that are my own handmade stamps. I added detailing with my white gel pen. The letters are stickers I embellished a little. Black ink added to the edges makes the contrast pop. 

For June 7th, I had an all day painting class and totally forgot to paint my index card there! So that one will be a "make-up" card related to my class. I might add a little photo of my painting!

I have TONS of ideas for cards this year. Running out of inspiration won't be a problem. Over the weekend I Gelli™ printed a bunch of cards to have handy backgrounds already started. I cannot recommend doing this enough for those days when you have little to no time to do a card. Just add a doodle or some text. Voilà!!

- Vickie


Me and My Art said...

omg I love the women with strips

Marit said...

Your work is so inspiring and just AWESOME!!! I, too, have 'gellatine-monoprints' handy to cut pieces or backgrounds from.. it's a great 'starter' indeed! Have a nice weekend and a hug from Holland.

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