Friday, July 13, 2012

LOVE: Index-Card-A-Day 2012: 6/28/12

"LOVE" : #icad2 for 6/28/12 :: 2

For so long I have been blown away by some scrapbook pages - the kind with the sort of minimalist use of space with a lot of design and embellishment in one area around the photo. Particularly the work of Finnabair makes my brain pop. It's amazing, and I would love to speak to this artist about her work. 

After several attempts at this type of collage, I had kind of given up on getting it how I wanted. But I am not one to give up that easily. So I studied her work and the work of her peers. I studied the composition, layers, and colors. I deconstructed the pieces in my head and put them back together.

Of course this made for a good Index-Card-A-Day 2012 challenge. I'm trying NEW things for #icad2 and using up supplies I haven't even touched or have been saving forever. Time to open the scrap box...

"LOVE" : #icad2 for 6/28/12

... and pull everything out but the kitchen sink! Here we have random book pages, tickets, a cardboard coffee sleeve, tags, baker's twine, staples, stars, old paper from books and ledgers, sheet music, a paper clip, envelopes, a money band, washi tape, canvas, embroidery trim, a star brad, hangtag packaging, and stitching. 

"LOVE" : #icad2 for 6/28/12 :: 3

I literally spent hours and hours fiddling, and that turned into about three days of pushing bits and bobs around to get this done. I simply had to walk away from it several times to clear my head. At one point, all of it finally "clicked into place" - the layers, the arrangement, colors, and textures. 

"LOVE" : #icad2 for 6/28/12 :: 4

A lot of this was experimentation. Not knowing where I'm going with something can be very freeing to me. I asked things of my paper punches that only a mad scientist would try. I added some collage. Then went to the sewing machine. Then to the paint, and on and on until basically I made a tour of my studio in supplies and paper ephemera. 

My goal was to use these things in an "as is" condition as much as possible. I love how the ledger paper holes look as a design element. The letters for "LOVE" are stamped on the edge of a vintage dictionary page; I wanted to preserve the red edges as well as take advantage of the natural patina of the old paper.  

"LOVE" : #icad2 for 6/28/12 :: 5

I'm happy with the result. Even more though, I am happy that I TRIED this. Even if it had turned out to be a total FAIL, I still faced the edges of my comfort zone with courage and smashed those barriers to smithereens. I cannot recommend anything more highly than getting off your duff and doing that thing which scares you most in your art. 

Just. Do. It.

It's just paper, after all. Right? 


- Vickie


Snap said...

I love this piece and I think this is what the ICADs should be ... a place to try those techniques we've been thinking about!!! YeeHaw!!!

Katie said...

These are really lovely! What beautiful creations you can make from 'just paper' :) Katie. xxx

stefani said...

This is wonderful! Everything just fits together perfectly.

Natasha said...

Love this card, so many layers and textures!!

Dianne said...

Gorgeous layers! I love this...and umm, yeah...getting off my duff instead of sitting in front of the computer...good idea. thanks for the inspiration!

Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, wow, I love this! I don't have the collage gene, and I certainly don't have the patience to futz with something for several days. Awesome results!

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