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"Home Sweet Home" ICAD2 for 6/21/12

home sweet home :: #icad2 6/21/12

Ok, I might be making the Index-Card-A-Day Challenge a little more challenging than I hoped and/or planned. I've just been so inspired! I didn't realize my brain needed a little discipline to work on something everyday, and now I am hungry, hungry, hungry for art all the time. I LOVE this!

This card is from June 21, 2012. It definitely took me more than one day to do this. I'm not getting a card a day done -  and I gave myself permission to do that at the start. However, I do believe I am still benefitting from this challenge like crazy. If I'm not getting one card a day done then I am at least working on one (or two or three at a time) each day. AND THAT COUNTS.

"home sweet home" ICAD2 :: Words

This house, bird, and nest image is something I've worked on before in different formats - for domino pendants and ATCs. Now I felt it needed an ICAD2 work-up. 

I started by making a house shaped template that fit the index card. I cut the house out of another index card, pasted scrapbook paper over it, and added the tissue tape. Then I stitched around the edges on my sewing machine.  

The sky is layered torn dictionary pages secured with matte medium. I added some watered down blue paint then splattered really watery gesso over it. I left the torn edges because they reminded me of deckled edges on handmade paper. The edge was then shaded with a darker blue Copic marker. 

The lettering is hand stamped in red pigment ink - which I had to stamp a billion times because I always mess up the last letter and ruin it. It's matted with dark red cardstock. The edges are inked to "age" and soften them. 

"home sweet home" ICAD2 :: Bird

The bird and nest images are from flickr's collage images group. I love the detail and texture in these pieces. My printer went light on the ink for this printing - not sure why. I went back over the pictures with colored pencils to bring out the color more. The gleaming highlight in the bird's eye is a dot of white gel pen. I also highlighted the eggs with white gel pen. 

"home sweet home" ICAD2 :: Nest

After I adhered the bird and nest to the background it all looked very flat. I used colored pencils to shade around the bird and nest for some dimension. It really perked the piece up. I also ran a thin line of dark brown pencil to the very edges of the paper of the collage images to bring them out more. 

"home sweet home" ICAD2 :: Postage Stamp

Oh, how I love using foreign postage stamps in my collage! I have about 20 pounds of old stamps (anyone need any?). I chose this one for the color and the country of origin - France - so it would tie in with the tissue tape behind it that has French on it.  

"home sweet home" ICAD2 :: Back

The back of the index card has the stitching I did with my sewing machine. I love sewing on paper. I'm stamping the date the card is finished on the back. I should go back and add some more details to the information of the piece. 

"home sweet home" ICAD2 for 6/21/12
"home sweet home" Index-Card-A-Day2
Mixed media & paper collage on index card
3"x 5"
© 2012 Victoria Porter/In My Head Studios
This ICAD2 looks adorable on a tiny easel I found at the craft store! 

I am a bit behind on posting more ICADs that I have finished. There's much more to come!

- Vickie


stefani said...

Oh my goodness what a wonderful looking card! Love it! Thank you for sharing your process on how you made it.

Stacey Deller said...

Print out what you have typed here and put it on the back (say in a pocket), this is soooo gorgeous, making me want to do the challenge. Is there a site or is this YOUR challenge?

Vickie Porter said...

@Stacey Deller: Not my challenge. It's from DaisyYellow at http://daisyyellow.squarespace.com/icad/icad-faq.html.

Great idea to put the information on the back! I'm going to do that.

Kristin Dudish said...

This card is great - I love the addition of the stitching (and it does look fantastic on the mini easel)!

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your index cards (I've started following so that I can be sure to find my way back - since I originally found my way here from the flickr group)!


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