Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Under My Rock

The Painty Mess

Has it been more than three months since I've blogged something? Time is making less and less sense to me.

I can fill you in pretty quickly on what's been going on the last 3 1/2 months. It's been a whole lot of very little. The death of my father has kind of thrown me for a loop, the latter of which I find to be an appropriate expression because I do kind of feel like I am tied to the end of a rope that someone is just swinging in wide loop-the-loops nonstop 24/7.

To cope with everything I have pretty much just thrown myself into art... coming up with new projects, some new designs, and delving into some new mediums.

I find that if I need real diversion from reality through art I require very strong immersion into the new work/play… something that takes up a lot of my brain so that it is not thinking about things other than art. I need my brain to just be doing, not thinking. There's entirely too much thinking going on here lately. Dangerous stuff.

Since I have been unable to get upstairs to my own studio (hemiplegic migraines), I needed to bring some of the studio downstairs to the living room. I attempted to keep the needed supplies for the project I wanted to work on down here to a minimum so as not to make a great big mess. Sometimes that's hard to do as a mixed-media artist.

So I grabbed the bare bones of paper crafting supplies: scissors, pens and pencils, eraser, ruler, glue, and tape. But the thing I really wanted to get into was PAINT, which I haven't worked with much for quite some time and have longed to experiment with more as I have been playing with it in my art journal.

clear emboss over painted collage #workinprogress

Of course doing something with just paint wasn't enough. My desire to do something with printmaking has been growing again. I decided to create my own stamps out of Fun Foam. It's super simple to make your own stamps out of foam, and I want to show you how I do it. But that's for another post!

I'm sure Mr. M is not keen on how much of the living room is over taken by the art studio currently, but I'm having a really good time!

Business is still running mostly as usual. Please bear with me as illness is preventing me from checking e-mail as frequently as I would like to and also from being up in the studio as much as I need to. Currently, it is taking me a few days to answer e-mail and other messages, so please be patient. I’m here but moving at a snail’s pace sometimes.

I'm so looking forward to some insane indie crafty fun at

Saturday, April 30, 2011
10 AM - 4 PM 
900 East Main Street in Rochester, NY! 

I, In My Head Studios, will be there with my Tiny Works of Awesome domino and game piece jewelry and accessories plus some NEW stuff! Yay for new! 

I should mention that the vendors at Mayday have created ridiculously excellent FREE swag bags for the first 50 indie shoppers that arrive! Get there early! There will be a girl fight line!

- Vickie


Linda B said...

Vickie, so sorry to hear about your dad.

I'm glad you're throwing yourself into art and new creations. Can't wait for the post about creating your own stamps.

I'm sure Mr. M doesn't mind much about the materials.

Stefani said...

Welcome back! I've been worried about you. Glad you've had art to keep you company. And I'll see you at MayDay!

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