Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Spot Coffee Craft Show

I set up. I waited. Not many people showed up to buy. So I had 12 sales for all three days total. But I am not complaining because that’s 12 more than I would have had if I were just sitting at home on my sofa eating bons bons, which now that I think about it has just become my To Do List for tonight. The other crafters were awesome! So much fun meeting craft show people – especially the younger indie crafters.

The work of Jen Born, of P.S. Enjoy Your Life, really caught my eye. Our work is similar in style and I just love her business name. She makes these great mixed media collages on blocks of wood and seals them with bright shiny resin. She also makes bottle cap fridge magnets from tiny bits of paper and collages them under resin. I wanted to buy out her whole booth!! You know how much I love tiny bits of paper!

Casey Wright, of Peaches Products, creates tiny wonderful needle felted animals. Her unusual set up was really cool. She has copper wire coils attached to tree branches so it looked like all the little owls, birds, and chickens were roosting in the trees. I bought a little blue tweety Twitter bird from her. This little guy makes me really happy!!

Sunday, my friend Stefani Tadio from Pine Tree Designs came to set up shop. Her work is so perfect! She embroiders paper and embellishes Post-It note pads in ways that would make a well dressed woman look bad. Seriously! Her stuff is amazing!!! She also carries cards and paper brooches.

I scheduled myself a spot again in June. I think repeat exposure will bring more sales. So we will see about this show then. I think it’s too early to decide if we should opt out. The show is just getting started and this town is always slow to embrace new things to do. Plus the parking there is tricky for non-city folks to navigate. The patrons are more my demographic than usual craft shows so I really want this show to work out well. I have a hunch it is going to catch on. It’s just going to take some time.

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Stefani said...

I'm not sure I remember seeing this post back then. (Thanks for the mention!)

Too bad this venue didn't work out for the vendors or Spot Coffee. "On paper" it seemed like a good idea. It's a cool place.

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