Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yard News and Garbage

If you saw my tweet at Twitter yesterday then you already know we had the yard aerated. This means that a guy basically pokes big holes in the dirt for the grass roots to get some air. This is after they roll a 1200 ton (I’m exaggerating… a little) roller over it to make it more flat and compact. Now it’s all flat and compact. It needs air! So he rolls this medieval looking thing over my yard and out pops all these little plugs of dirt that measure about three inches long by a half inch round. It looks like hundreds of little dogs pooped in my yard now. And I think this is funny because, well, poop things make me laugh. Yes, I'm that grown-up.

I was going to give you a photograph of the dirt poops but it snowed last night and now we cannot see them. Lucky you!

My grandfather used to have an herb garden. He grew mint, oregano, sage, parsley, basil… you name it, he grew it. He would dry it all, crumble it up into a bag and call it Grandpa’s Garbage. We would season everything with it and it made all food no matter what 100% better!! After he died I found a big glass jar in his basement with the recipe for it on the jar in his handwriting. I cherish this jar. It calls for amounts of each herb that can only be had by growing it yourself. Anyway, just after he died I took some mint plants from his yard to savor his memory. We kept them alive very carefully in pots inside until we bought our first house. Now we have them planted out back in the yard. I’m telling you this because the darn 1200 ton roller nearly rolled all the new spring buds of mint down. And I nearly had a heart attack. But you can rest assured our future mojitos are safe. And a batch of Grandpa’s Garbage may be mixed up by summer’s end!

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Joolie said...

I'm so glad the crazy yard roller thingy didn't smash all the mint. Keeping part of your grandpa's garden going is such a great way to honor him.

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