Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will You Take A Quarter for That?

Last Friday, my mom called me and was all excited she could hardly speak. I told her to slow down and tell me again. She was driving her boyfriend to the airport and she saw a sign for a garage sale on the side of the road. But this was no ordinary garage sale; it was a craft supply sale! Wheee!! So she raced over to pick me up and we went off to garage sale heaven.

Apparently a woman who had three bedrooms filled with her crafting supplies died and the family was selling her stuff. Most of it was sewing items like fabric and elastic and trims. I bought some lace and trims for making collages. I also bought some really nice gray fabric to maybe use as a background for photographing my jewelry. They had a gorgeous sewing box that I got for just $30. More storage is always needed in my studio.

I was a little disappointed by the sale. I was hoping for more paper, rubber stamps and scrapbooking items. But I still walked out with $50 worth of goodies. My appetite for garage sale season is now all fired up, and I cannot wait until the weather really breaks here and I can go scouting for neat things at sales on the weekends. Yay!!


Pretty Cheap Jewelry said...

Wow! That is the sewing box you got for $30? I love old (good) furniture and have been looking for a few months for 4-6 dining chairs (we have a weekend house with a dining table and folding chairs!). There was a fabulous set on craigslist from the 20s/30s but she wanted me to take the table too! Drat I had just gotten our table way marked down at a furniture store a couple months ago. Otherwise I would have taken the whole set.

anxiously awaiting more estate sales myself and scouring the used furniture stores lately :D

Stefani said...

Oh my gosh - I have that same sewing box! Except mine is in way worse shape. I've had it for years & years. My grandfather made it for my grandmother so it has huge sentimental value for me. I could/should fix it up.

Nice find!

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