Sunday, July 20, 2008

Will You Take a Quarter for That?

Yesterday the phone rang at 8:00 am. Wrong number. Very nice old lady though. But then I could not get back to sleep. So we went to garage sales! I love garage sales. My grandparents financed their winters in Florida for 15+ years on garage sales, antique shows, co-op sales, and flea marketing. Their garage was eternally set up for a sale. You could never park a car in there. It’s in my blood to get good deals. And yesterday I did!

I bought a bike for $10 even though it was priced at $15. As I’ve said before, I am tiny. To find a nice looking bike that is not hot pink and is made for an adolescent girl is difficult. But I found a 16” bike for my tiny frame. (I had a bike but it was a 24” frame, and I kept falling off it because I could not reach the ground with my feet at all while seated.) I rode around the block twice on it and it works great! I’m so happy. Now I can ride the 7 blocks to my sister’s house! Who would have thought that at 33, I would be ecstatic about buying a bicycle!

I also purchased a working electric typewriter for $1.00! How cool is that? I’m going to use it to type out words and phrases for my collage work. It may need a new ribbon soon. I hope I can still get one.

Other assorted things we bought: Scrabble game (for the tiles for collage), dominoes/chess/backgammon game set (for the pieces for collage), a book in French, a Chinese to English dictionary (both books for collage), an old yellow Tupperware canister set like my mother owned, three book ends (what am I going to do with the odd one?), two silver demitasse spoons (for a project), and an original etching that was only $2.00. I’m going to look up the artist to see what it may be worth.

All in all, a very good haul. Plus we got a nice tour of our new neighborhood and surrounding areas. I can now confidently drive all over town without worrying about getting lost! Bonus!

But I gotta’ go now because there’s a bicycle calling my name.


Joolie said...

First of all, I love your bike. Also, I love all bikes. In addition, I love that you have a bike. In conclusion, hooray for bikes.

Rosalie said...

I love garage sales too. I hated them when my mom dragged me to them when I was a kid -- but now I love them!

Karen's Monsters said...

your new bike is most excellent. I'm jealous.

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