Saturday, July 12, 2008

Origami Night!

My sister stopped by yesterday to ask if I had an origami book. Apparently, the origami boats piqued her interest in more paper folding. I had to dig one up from the boxes still filling my studio. My guess was lucky as I got the right box on the first try. We then headed over to her house to see her kids, eat pizza, and fold paper.

We made lazy susan’s, a paper ball shooter and goal hoop, bangle bracelets, a Frisbee, and pop open boxes.

(Click the pictures to see more in my Flickr photostream.)

Origami Book and Lazy Susan

Paper Flying Disc

Folding Paper Shooter

The Paper Shooter

Miss O. Shooting the Ball

Her four-year-old daughter got a big kick out of the paper ball shooter. We played with it for about 30 minutes. I wish she were a bit older so we could have taught her some origami. Frustration would have been the only outcome tonight. But she watched and drew pictures for us. She stayed up an hour past her bedtime! I am sure she is going to show it to her dad and they are going to play with it a lot today.

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How funny!
I just picked up a book from the Library called "Folding Fun - Origami for ages 4 and up" by Didier Boursin

We will try it out this coming up week and maybe post a few photos?

4 is difficult, they know all this stuff is out there but they have a lot of fine motor skill to develop before they can complete projects with ease. My Pinky pie loves trying anything and everything!

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