Sunday, April 6, 2008

Working Under Stress

We didn’t get the house we wanted. Oh, well. Wasn’t meant to be. I think we got outbid. We’re looking at three more houses today.

This entire house buying business has put my work motivation into overtime. I need something to do to keep my mind busy. I bought three skeins of yarn to knit my way through this. I am making another felted bowl on circular needles in red and deep purple. In two days I have glassed, taped and soldered 9 pendants, made proofs for a custom order, and painted up some new art designs for pendants. That is getting a lot done for me these days.

Pendants waiting for solder.
I am happy with the pendant art I’ve been doing. Painting and drawing is a different way to make them for me. Now they are more like miniature works of art behind glass! I challenged myself to make five designs very quickly just to see what would happen. They turned out to be my favorites of the bunch! They are mostly just torn paper and some line drawings. Leaves and floral designs are popping through my head all the time now that spring is poking its head up.

Hurry up, Spring! I have missed you!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your bid did not work out. Buying a house can be so stressful, indeed! At least you are getting some excellent productivity out of it. I tend to go the opposite way, stress like that makes me feel a need to take a break from creating. Or, at least creating for public consumption.

Good luck with house hunting and creating!

Anonymous said...

they are so pretty and look like so much fun to make

XUE said...

such pretty pendants here & in yr shop! sorry to hear about yr house but that wonderful one is waiting for you somewhere - I have gone through this so I know how you feel. I know this may be stupid but I actually cried for awhile.

In My Head Studios said...

you folks are awesome! thank you!

i'm a sensitive artist, i guess, because i cried too. glad to hear i'm not alone!

token said...

Have you ever thought of making these a bit maybe 3 x 3 for wall hanging?

I'm thinking that a little collection of that size would be awesome...

In My Head Studios said...

Token, the microscope slide glass is only 1"x3" so I can't make these bigger than that. I have thought about soldering a bunch together to make a bigger piece. You make an interesting point! Thanks!

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