Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spider Beside Her

Our apartment is situated so we only get direct sunlight through a few windows, as we are located so far north of the equator. Also our place is about 5 feet from the neighboring fire-engine-red-painted house next door and it blocks most of our sunlight. My hunny likes plants but they do not like this apartment. They press themselves up against the glass trying to get as much as they can from what we get. It makes for an interesting study in phototropism.

This is my late grandfather's mint from his yard straining to get to the light.

However, the spider plants will grow anywhere… and everywhere. They are reaching out to grab us as we walk by. They are fighting amongst themselves for room. The spider plant babies are having babies. So if you happen to head over to our dining room hutch cabinet, watch your tootsies. They might trip you up.

Mr. M is taking advantage of this and growing a topiary ivy plant. He poked a few stakes in the dirt and is training ivy vines to grow around them and up in a tall column. Due to the lighting situation, all he has to do is turn the pot a quarter turn everyday and the vines grow toward the light and in a spiral around and around. They chase after the sun! I stenciled and painted the pot the ivy is living in.


Joolie said...

That thing is going to blot out the sun and kill us all if you're not careful. The fate of the Earth is in your hands!

In My Head Studios said...

You can do your part to save our sun by allowing me to send you spider plant babies.

Joolie said...

You created this monster and now you want me to adopt it?!?

Well, I do like plants.

Moodwax said...

Beautiful plants. I got a job this summer working in a greenhouse so these really caught my eye. Be prepared for that mint to go totally bonkers! You can also plant some of the mint outside and it will come up every year.

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