Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's My Birthday, Too!

Happy birthday to the best twin sister ever!!

Time to party! It's my birthday! Best of all, I get to share my birthday with my beloved twin sister! Neat fact: I was born first so I'm four minutes older.

She and I are pretty much inseparable. We have the best friendship. No one knows me like she does. No one. Mr. M and I bought a house exactly 7 blocks away from her so we could be close by. She has the two best kids ever. I'm very blessed.

I must show you this card my 5 year old niece made for me. It's delightful! 

Birthday Card From My Niece (5)

Birthday Card From My Niece (5)

That's a picture of the two of us making art - with my gelli printing plate! She absolutely loved seeing a video of the gelli plate in process and begged me to help her make prints.

The text reads: "You are the best becase you let me bo progex."

becase = because
bo = do
progex = projects 

How cute! 

It took me a few long moments to figure out that last word! My niece reported it was too hard to make a "j" so she went with the "g". I'm actually a big fan of creative spelling for kids her age because they can still learn neat things about letters and words even with mistakes.

Birthday Card From My Niece (5)

I hope your day is filled with magic, too! 

- Vickie


Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolie said...

Happppppppy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Love you!

Vickie Porter said...

Thaaaaaaaank yoooooooou, Joooooooooooooolie! xxooxxoo

Monica B said...

happy belated birthday!!

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