Friday, June 8, 2012


Just returned from a week away in Georgia. My cousin got married! It was a much needed trip away from home. Mr. M and I had a lot of fun at the lake, seeing my brother, and just hanging out with each other not having a care in the world.

The weather was good. The wedding was beautiful. My niece and nephew are getting big! The lake is still my favorite place in the world. I didn't bring home a fabulous vacation sun tan, but I definitely brought home some new freckles. 

Upon our return, my luggage wasn't on the carousel. It was listed as on the plane, but was gone. I was sad about my missing charm bracelet, but realized I could replace almost everything in about an hour at the mall and the art store. Yep, my travel art kit was in there! Gah! We left the airport not knowing what happened to my luggage.

Schrödinger's Luggage: There is a cat in my bag. It's either dead or alive, but we will never know...  because I'll never see my luggage again!

Turns out someone accidentally brought it home with them rather than their own bag. I would pay to have seen their face when they opened my bag! "This isn't MY stuff!" 

Thankfully, the airport called a few hours later to say that someone returned my bag. He added that he didn't see how a mix-up occured. Their bags looked nothing like mine! A few hours later my bag was delivered to my door. All was intact inside. Nothing missing. Yippee! 

I saved all the bits of paper and ephemera from the trip and the wedding to make a little travel art journal. I'm happy to report we had so much of the lake to enjoy that I didn't get to much art. That's ok. I can do art at home. There's no dock here to while away hours. I have my priorities. 

- Vickie

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