Thursday, June 9, 2011

All Things Paper: A Feature (From Long Ago)

I made an oopsie. One I feel quite badly about. So let's fix it, shall we?

It's no secret that I love all things paper. And I love "All Things Paper" quite literally, too! It's the name of one of my very favorite paper artists' blogs! Ann Martin is an amazing quilling paper-whirler extraordinaire.

Quilling is the art of coiling and shaping narrow paper strips into designs. Often these designs are quite intricate and fancy. The paper strips are usually only about an eighth of an inch wide. That's not much to work with! To top that the strips are glued to the background on their side edge. Yeah, the thin edge of the paper. The one you can barely get any glue on.

Did I mention this is a very fiddly art?

Ann makes it look easy... and that's the sign of a truly skilled artisan.

I must admit that her
Twitter Fail Whale is my favorite piece. I love when old school art and craft meets pop culture. When it is done with such skill as this it makes me really really happy inside.

You can imagine my astonishment when Ann emailed about wanting to feature my work on her blog!

Huh? What?! Ann Martin knows who I am?

She found me through my good friend Stefani's blog, Pine Tree Designs. This was waaaaaaay last August 2010, just after my bout with that hemiplegic migraine. I totally had a blog post drafted up about her feature about me, but it got lost in the shuffle of trying to catch up after being ill. I was doing some back end blog maintenance and came across the draft post this past weekend.

I get a fail whale of my own!

So I didn't want to be horribly remiss and not thank Ann for her generous, kind words! Better late than never, right?

Thank you so very much, Ann! Your post came at a low point for me and was a very encouraging bit of attention in a much needed place. You rock! xoxo

- Vickie

Backlink: all things paper: In My Head Studios: "You may have guessed by now that I love wearable art. It's no wonder then, that the work of today's featured artist, Vickie Porter, from Rochester..."

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Ann said...

Thoughtfully Written by you indeed, Vickie! What a lovely post - I'm humbled - many thanks.

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