Friday, May 20, 2011

Where The Magic Might Be Under That Thing Over There

the mess

You can ask me where anything is in this mess and I can pinpoint it with amazing accuracy. Click the image and go see it at flickr. I made notes on it so you know what all this junk is. Mostly it is stuff that I just have not put away from the studio having to be downstairs for a while. Mr. M just brought most of it back up here for me today. That is the only reason anything is organized in little containers like this. :)

I'm posting this frightening look into my studio for the Shopping Our Stash (SOS) Challenge.

Clearly I have a stash. A big one. Please do not alert the fire department. The challenge is to start using up the untouched, virgin supplies I have been saving for "that perfect project". You know, that one? Right!

SOS is hosting a weekly challenge starting May 24th. Right now they are kicking it off with a Kick-Off Open House and showing our stash or studio spaces. There's some blog candy giveaway going on for showing us your studio or stash!

My Twitter buddies Leslie, The Crooked Stamper and Lisa from PaperGrace Designs are part of the SOS Crew. They are very talented paper artists and I am humbled to even enter a challenge they are doing as well. So I already know I ain't gonna win (unless they have a messiest award). :)

the mess
Click for a bunch of notes on this photo at flickr

Why do I have such a stash? Sometimes the supplies I buy are too pretty to mess up. Little embellishments, sparklies, fancy little doo dads... Oh, shiny! They are too pretty to be used on my trashy work, right?

Do you catch yourself saying that in your head? I do. It's a buzz killer. Let's stoppit. Ok?

Now I give myself permission to mess up create beauty with the fancy doo dads and sparkly things! I'm going to break into the expensive Distress Crackle Paint, the big sheets of expensive handmade paper (gasp!), and the other paper. Oh, the paper. It's a real problem. I have no reason at all to buy any new paper. Or more old paper for that matter.

So off to the stash!! Use it up! Make room for more stash! Er... I mean make room for spaciousness in your studio!

- Vickie


leslie (crookedstamper) said...

HAHAHAHAHA! OMG, I love you! And I love your space! *I*, too, have unopened Crackle paint! HAHA! THANK YOU for joining in the fun! :)

In My Head Studios said...

Leslie!! I love you, too!! That crackle paint comes in tiny bottles! Can't be wasted!

Deena said...

this room is great...tons of stuff, but i don't think it will win the messiest award :( thanks for joining in at sos

Lisa - papergrace said...

Yep. Fancy-schmancy, shiny doo-dads! HAHHAHAHHAH!! OMG! How do I identify?! (Ask me how I know?) I think I'm wheezing from laughing so hard. Your space is MY space, dear Vickie. You just didn't know it. :D Trust me, my cats have glitter embedded in their fur. ;) Thanks so much for playing along. You rock!

Lisa - papergrace said...

PS - I also have Starbucks coffee holder thingies just waiting to be used for projects. You are soooo not alone. :)

Deena said...

to answer the stamp storage question, they are containers from Stampin up...they are like dvd cases that are clear and don't have the circle thing in the middle of them...i love them and have organized all of my clear stamps that way...i sure do find that i use my stamps waaay more if i can find the set i am looking for and this does it for me!

Carla aka scrappypug said...

Whoohoo! I LOVE it! What a great stash you have going on here! Lots of neato things! Thanks for joining us at SOS! I really love those domino pendants too!

Kim said...

OK I HAVE to show hubby these pics - so that I can prove, not only MY room looks like this :)

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