Monday, October 26, 2009

It’s Been A While…

I’m sad to see that I have not been blogging. I have been really busy. It is fitting that Picture the Impossible is the last thing I blogged about as that is the thing that has literally taken over every waking moment of my life for the past month and a half.

There have been web games everyday. There have been photograph challenges, video challenges, and recipe challenges. My sister and I have spent countless hours doing weekly scavenger hunts and deciphering documents from The Watchmaker. I have learned so many things from this game like reading source code for websites, making, editing, and uploading videos to YouTube, solving very cryptic puzzles and clues, and reading Morse code. This game has brought me closer to the city I live in, and I have learned a lot about its history. Most of all this game has taught me how to picture the impossible by being so very challenging. It has forced me to be open to any possibility. I have come away from it with a better sense of myself and my strengths and abilities.

This photo is my entry for the "Rochester Innovations" challenge. The photo had to include things that were invented in Rochester, NY. My entry included the reclining shampoo chair, Gannett newspapers, a box camera, French's mustard, and roll film. Did you know that bloomers, pipe cleaners, Fanny Farmer candies, copy machines, and Ray Ban sunglasses were also invented in Rochester?

It’s not quite over yet. There is still a week of puzzles. But the points are cut off for the big prize on Wednesday night at 6 pm EDT. The big prize is that the top 150 players get two tickets to the Gala on Halloween. It’s a semi-formal/formal masquerade ball. I’m making my own mask for the Gala! Can you say "feathers"?!

I am currently in 38th place. This is only because I was late doing two puzzles and lost points for it. Otherwise I have completed every single challenge placed before me from making a PhotoSynth of a horse (to which I cannot find the link) to making a seriously silly video theme song to the tune of Y.M.C.A. with two total strangers who are also playing this game.

Picture the Impossible has taken over such a huge chunk of my time that I am going to have withdrawal from it when it’s finally over on Friday. I don’t know what I did with all my free time before this game started. Oh, yeah, I did things like make and list items on Etsy, kept up with housework, saw my hunny, and had a sense of sanity. So it will be interesting to see how things go starting on Sunday after the Gala. My brain could use a break.

In the midst of all this business I also had to get ready for having three craft shows in the span of two weeks. One was on a Monday and then I had one on each of the two following Saturdays. The last show at St. Rita’s in Webster, NY was our best show total EVER. I’m thrilled. People bought my dominoes, Scrabble tile pendants, and domino ornaments. They liked my stuff. I’m on cloud nine. It’s so very validating to have people like what I do. My sense of purpose is renewed. Also my "To Do List" is filled up because the shows emptied out my Etsy shop. Several custom orders were also placed at the last show that I have to get going on.

Ok, I have written a short novel here to try to get you caught up on my doings and what nots. I hope the rest of your day is fantastic!

Check out my newest creations at my shop at I have some Halloween pendants that you can still get in time if you order today. They have free shipping!


PussDaddy said...

You have really been busy. I have never heard of this Impossible thing, and I hope you win it. It sounds like you learned a lot. You sure know more than I do about source code and stuff. Also I am glad peopple like your stuff. It's great.


PussDaddy said...

Interesting it was also to read about things that were invented where you live. You have such a great outlook on things.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on doing so well in your craft shows! And good luck with this Picture the Impossible!!

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