Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Warning: New Background Alert

I'm testing out a new background. I wanted something more funky, more "me" and this fits the bill. I know I need to change the purple in my banner to match the background purple and I will do that this week probably.

I would love to know what you think! It doesn't look like a carnival in here now, does it? I honestly want your honest opinions!! My ego is not so fragile that you cannot tell me it stinks. :) Comment away!


DanaHarriston said...

I love the new background! Looks great!


Joolie said...

It looks good. It's fun but also more sophisticated.

I would play around with different colors for the text. The bright links are a little jarring against the new subdued purple.

P.S. Hi! Hi! Hiiiii! Have a great day!

Stefani said...

The purple is nice. Joolie is right about the bright links. I love the stripes. I wonder how that subtle teal in the stripe would look in place of the purple? You know me and my teal/turquois fetish!

Fresh said...

:-D Looks great!

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