Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My best friend Joolie always leaves me notes all over my house when she comes to visit. I mean everywhere. Inside books, behind pictures, in my knitting bag… sometimes I don’t find them for years. It makes my day to find one, too, as it reminds me of why I love her so much.

I was never able to get her back because I was never alone at her house when I visit her. But I had the chance in March when she got married. I innocently begged out on a trip to the local bar. I brought my own Post-It note pad too. And I went to town on her new house. She is still finding notes!

My sister recently asked us to baby-sit so they could go see “Batman: The Dark Knight”. My hunny and I took the opportunity to leave her notes all over. We left them in food boxes, under things, in bowls, on stamps, in books, in nooks, and in boxes they won’t open until Christmas. My favorite was the note in a plastic baggie we hid halfway down the big oatmeal container. She makes oatmeal for her kids everyday. We had to dump out half the oatmeal to do it, and we spilled it all over her floor. We had to do a bit of cleaning to hide the evidence. I also put one right out in the open that read, “I wonder how long it will take you to find this.” It didn’t take her long. Now she calls me when she finds more notes. And we both laugh! So much fun over a few Post-It notes!

My sister and her family are currently away camping and I once again have full run of her house as I am checking her mail for her. I’m desperate for another prank, but cannot think of a good one. Do you have one?


ɹǝƃƃolquǝʞoʇ said...

Mean one: unscrew as many light bulbs as you can so that they don't come on.

Nice one. Have each post-it she finds be it be a clue to something really special it will take her forever to find... a tiny little picture?

In My Head Studios said...

oooooo, unscrewing light bulbs. that's a good one. but i'm not sure that would go over well right now since she just had her dining room chandelier short out in a big flash of sparks!

Queen Sarah said...

I just stumbled on your blog and thought this idea was so cute!

It reminds me of an elaborate prank I played once, at a public library ~ I wrote a bunch of limericks, and wrote them on post-it notes which I hid in library books. Each post it note would have only a part of the limerick, and the name & page # of the book where the next part of the limerick (or the first part of the next limerick) could be found.

The person had to look up the call numbers of all those books, and then find the book on the shelves. It took him a good long time to find all the poems.

It was kind of a limerick scavenger hunt! It took a long time to set up, and I had to keep separate documentation so he knew where to pick up the trail again when a book was checked out (That did happen! I wonder what the library patron thought about the strange post-it note?)

It was worth the effort. I can think of other ways this "scavenger hunt" idea could be used, not quite so involved.

Thanks for the idea! I should do something fun like this again. :-)


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