Friday, December 7, 2007

Working Away Like An Elf

My studio work this week has been filing and sanding pendants until my elbows give out. I came up with some new designs and thought I would give y’all a sneaky peeky!

filing pendant

sanding bingo pendant

pendants in a row

Either something is wrong with my soldering iron or something is wrong with me. Probably the latter. All my lines are lumpy and require a lot of finishing to look nice and smooth. I’m beginning to think my iron is too hot or not hot enough. And I don’t know how to tell which it is. So a new soldering iron may be in my future. The time and expense this one is causing me is too much. I’m going though a tip every 10 pendants. The tips get very “eaten away” and don’t conduct heat well after that happens.

The Weller soldering irons seem to be more what I need as far as professional durability. They are made for the serious stained glass artist. Now I just need to decide which one I want to try. Anyone have suggestions? I am more likely to make the leap into stained glass if I have a better soldering iron, too.

Shopping for tools is fun! My significant other loves that I ask for power tools for presents. That way he gets to shop at manly stores and never has to enter the mall! Win, win! Last year he got me a Dremel and the current soldering iron I am using. This year he got me a sewing machine, which I consider a power tool. (You have to plug it in, right? You use it to make other things, which is the definition of “tool”, no?) I picked it out so he didn’t have to walk into the estrogen-filled JoAnns sewing center. He “gets” me as far as gifts go. No frilly or scented junk for me. I’m practical. But I have been known to gladly accept shiny things of the jewelry kind. Hee hee.


Joolie said...

They just keep getting better! I have a serious soft spot for the bingo one, even though I don't give a rat's ass about bingo.

Sam I Am said...

Hi..just happened across your blog...
GREAT Pieces!!! Dontcha just love creating these little guys????

as for your soldering iron..hmmm...
are you cleaning the tip of it occasionally? what kind is it? different types of solders melt at different temps.. do you know what watt your iron is?
I have the weller 100 watt..and it seems to flow like maybe your's isnt a high enough wattage.
I see you're from ROCHESTER???
I was born and raised in western NY.. Orleans County!!
What asmall world!!!
Was just back there for a surprise visit .. and it SNOWED :)

In My Head Studios said...

it's only 30 watts. gee, i thought it was more! that must be my problem. thanks so much, sam i am. probably going for the weller 100 then.

ambika said...

I love the bingo one.

I wish I had advice on the soldering but I've yet to get on board with that aspect of jewelry making. Soon, though, I hope.

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